Boogie Dragonfly


Winter 22.23

Black Velvet Collection


" velvet if you please..."

Ísis Collection

 FALL - WINTER 22/23

Inspired by Egypt the new Boogie Bag collection for Fall-Winter 22/23 is an explosion of colours in a geometric pattern based on a non-poluting water-based inks.

100% handmade, vegan and sustainable this vibrant collection and full of details arrives in 9 unique shapes and sizes, all bags are versatile and will bring colour to all your looks this season.

Did you j«know that Boogie Bag has it's own Hospital and Maternity of Bags?

At the 'Bag's Hospital' we can fix, change or give a new light to your purse, or, at the 'Maternity of Bags', where you'll see a new Boogie Bag coming to life just for you, just as how you thinked of, according always to the shapes and types of purses within our concept!